Content Marketing and Copy Writing


Content Marketing and Copy Writing

Content marketing and copy writing are two of the key elements that can determine your business’s success. It is what can speak directly to your ideal customers, and provide them with the understanding that your product or service will fit their needs.

Through content marketing and copy writing, your website can stand apart from the millions of other messages that your clients and potential clients are exposed to each and every day. And, just the right amount of persuasive content on your site can also gently nudge your website’s visitors to take the next step towards purchasing what you have to offer them.


Your Website’s Content is More Than Just Words on a Page

While copy may often appear to be “just words on a page,” the specific words that you use can be very powerful. They can call out to a potential customer, or conversely, they could essentially drive them away.

With that in mind, it is essential that the pages on your website have the right type and amount of copy, and that it is properly designed to do the right job. This includes the weaving in specific keywords and phrases that match up with exactly what your customers are searching for.


Providing You With Expert Writers for Content Marketing and Copy Writing

When it comes to any type of content creation, it is necessary that your website visitors feel that they’re receiving value. Otherwise, it’s likely that they will quickly move on to somewhere else. When that happens, your company runs the risk of losing a potential client.

You really only have about 7 seconds to make a good first impression. So, it is imperative that you not only capture online visitors’ attention, but that you keep them on your site – and that they want to contact your company for more.

This is where our expert writers come in. Nerdbox works with professional copy writers who are also subject matter experts in a variety of different fields – and because of that, the content on your website won’t just gloss over basic information, but rather it will provide your site’s visitors with the value that they are looking for to make them stick.

In addition to writing unique, original content, our copywriters also ensure that what is being presented on your website and in your posts is not too similar to other information that is already available on the world wide web. This is done by running all content through a plagiarism application before it’s added to your pages. Without doing so, you could run the risk of being penalized by Google and other search engines – which could in turn, hinder your website’s rankings and the amount of traffic that your site ultimately receives.


Frequency of Fresh Content Matters

In addition to having just the right words is how often your site is producing new and fresh information. When you work with Nerdbox, we will publish fresh content to your website as frequently as two times per week.

Each piece of content that is produced is written to be rich in keywords that also provides the answers and the information that your ideal customers are looking for – and that will convert those visitors into paying customers.


Calling Your Ideal Customers to Action

Fresh, informative content on a website can be beneficial to those who read it. But if it doesn’t provide the reader with the value that they are seeking, then it’s likely that they will soon be moving on.

The content that your website provides through Nerdbox will take that value one step further, by giving the reader numerous calls to action (CTAs) throughout each page. These CTAs will tell the reader exactly what they need to do in order to obtain the additional benefit that your company’s product or service can provide them with.

According to sales legend Zig Ziglar, “Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.” If your website copy is able to resonate with readers’ emotions, you’ll be amazed at what the words can produce.


How Can Nerdbox Help You?

Different customer segments can oftentimes require different types of content marketing and copywriting. That’s why Nerdbox offers a wide variety of different services, including:

  • Article Writing – How many times have you been surfing the Internet and come across an article that looked interesting, so you stopped to read it. If the content in that article struck a chord with you, it is possible that you went from simply scanning the information to purchasing a product or service that was discussed. That’s what quality articles can do. Nerdbox creates articles based on your desired goals, and places them online so that the keyword-rich content pulls in the customers that you’re looking for. The copy and strategic placement of online articles can play a primary role in increasing your company’s visibility and its sales.
  • Blog Creation – Blog posts are also used for providing readers with valuable information, usually with a call to action that is weaved in. This is oftentimes a request for a reader’s name and contact information. By posting the right type of content, your blog post can increase your company’s “followers,” which can result in a long list of email subscribers.
  • Website Copy – When online visitors reach your company’s website, it is the job of the words on the pages to either keep them there longer, or have them clicking away to another site. By working with content marketing and copy writing experts in your specific field, Nerdbox can provide your business with a website that both informs and converts.

Want more information on how our content marketing and copy writing services can take your website – and ultimately, your business – to the next level? Contact us today to speak with one of our expert representatives or book an appointment below. We are available via phone, email, and chat.