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Google Apps For Work

We love Google Apps for Work. Get professional email, online cloud storage, shared calendars, video meetings, instant messenger, Google Docs, Google Slides, and more. Get your Business cloud based and work from anywhere in the world! Here at Nerdbox LLC we use Google Apps for Work everyday to run our business and we believe you should too.

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Bluehost is a committed web hosting company that we trust. We encourage clients to use bluehost because they get fantastic customer service and you own the server your website is on. Bluehost also has educational opportunities, scalability, and technical support. We always like for you to get started with your own hosting. So you have control and we merely have access to build you a website.

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Formilla Chat Plugin is a great tool to keep in touch and provide great customer service to your clients. Infact, we use it to keep in touch with our clients!

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Trello CRM

We use trello to track all of our projects, manage team members, and work with several departments. I recommend this CRM and Project Management software to anyone looking to organize their projects and keep their customers!

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